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Resin Varnish Impregnation Oven For Armature

Good quality Needle Winding Machine for sales
Good quality Needle Winding Machine for sales
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Resin Varnish Impregnation Oven For Armature

China Resin Varnish Impregnation Oven For Armature supplier
Resin Varnish Impregnation Oven For Armature supplier Resin Varnish Impregnation Oven For Armature supplier

Large Image :  Resin Varnish Impregnation Oven For Armature

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Model Number: WIND-ZDG

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Bare package put in a 20'GP container
Delivery Time: 60 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
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Detailed Product Description
Condition: New Armature Insulation: Armature Trickling/ Roll And Dip
Rotor Size Related To Machine: Armature Shaft Length, Armature OD,stack Height Machine Length: Is Related To Armature Size,curing Time And Output Requirement
Power Source: Electricity After Sales: Machine Almost No Need Maintenance

A Roll
Competitive Advantages:
1.Fully automatic, operator only need to load and unload armature
2.Rolling and dipping device is at top layer of machine,easy to adjust and maintain
3.Centrifigution exhausting blower suck the exhausting gas,Environment friendly
Example of one Armature roll and dip Machine proposal:

General Output Qty around 700pcs/8hours (get 100pcs in first 2hours and 100pcs in each following
1. Chain pitch P=152.4mm, Chanin roll and move in guiding roll
2. Working station: 60pcs(both side 120pcs workpiece)
Loading/unloading 8, preheating 9, air cooling 2, rolling and dipping 1, flow 2, curing 38
3. Fast inserted fixture
4. Rolling and dipping device is at top layer of machine, easy to adjust and maintain
5. Workpiece self rotate before the rolling and dipping station, self rotate is drive by double chain with
Pitch P=15.875
6. Heating tunnerl use to keep the heat, and inspection door at side of machine with double layer
temperature keeping door
7. The cycle time, rolling and dipping time can be set on touch screen
8. Use electrical heating pipe with hot air blow device,temperature 150℃ adjustable,
There is pre-heating,colloidize, post curing four are for heating, the heating pipe is flyer shape
and life time is long
9. The temperature contoller is can set and show temperature in different area of tunner and alarm if
10. Centrifigution exhausting blower suck the exhausting gas of loding/unloading , rolling and dipping area
11. PLC :Omron, Touch screen: Weiven Time relay : LG
12.Three phase 380V/50Hz, To tal power:35KW

Working position: 60*2
Position pitch: 152.4mm
Heating time: ≤45 min
Tunnel working temperature: 0 to160 ℃
Pitch time: 0-10min adjustable
Power consumption: 36 KW
Dimension: 6.2*1.15*2.1
Weight:Around 4.2 Ton
Production capability: 700pcs/8 hours
Application and Purpose:
The motor coil must be impregnated with insulating varnish and its adjacent parts,
Let the conductor wire, slot insulation isolation parts whole compacted and immerged with
insulating resin coating become strong overall density.
The following purpose can be achieved through the insulation treatment:
1. To improve the moisture resistance of motor insulation
Any insulating material is more or less absorbing moisture in moist air. Such as Electrotechnical insulation
material paper DMD,PMP,Polyester, the moisture in the air is easily penetrated into the insulation material
along the capillary, thus the performance of the insulating material decreases significantly. The insulation
treatment will make the surface of the windings and coils form a smooth, pinless film or insulation seal
layer, which will greatly reduce the invasion of moisture and improve the moistureproof performance of the
2. Improve the heat resistance of motor insulation
Motor insulation materials in an insulating impregnating varnish before the material after heating the
internal decomposition of gas water molecules of low molecular substances, accompanied by oxidation,
changes in material properties such as mechanical strength, moisture resistance, reduce the decline of
brittle materials, have electrical properties such as insulation resistance and breakdown voltage
decreased, this phenomenon known as the aging of insulation materials, insulation insulation contact area
but after the treatment of material and air is greatly reduced, the rate of oxidation is greatly reduced, in
the same service life, the use of the temperature of the motor can be improved. Therefore, the heat
resistance of the motor insulation is improved.
3. Improve the thermal conductivity of the motor
The electrical insulation layer of air gap large, while the thermal conductivity of the air gap is low, the air
gap is filled with dipping paint, varnish and perfusion ratio due to thermal conductivity of air gap, so the
electrical winding motor and a corresponding increase in the conduction of heat, will greatly reduce the
motor temperature rise. The experimental data show that the temperature rise can be reduced by 10-
4. Improve electrical and mechanical properties of motor insulation
The motor winding coil and the insulation treatment, winding and Core Bond into a solid whole film will void
windings and the notch is full, the insulating layer is formed in a certain thickness of winding end of the
head, there is no gap inside the water is not easy to enter, so the insulation resistance and breakdown
voltage are improved, and at the same time winding core non relative movement, have sufficient strength
to resist the external vibration and stress, and bear the motor assembly process of mechanical impact,
thus avoiding the mechanical action of damage.
The motor windings impregnated after winding insulation system and the core to form a solid whole
reduces the effects of mechanical vibration and electromagnetic force vibration generated by the motor
during operation, the reinforcement effect on the machine, avoid wire between the wire and the core or
tank wall due to vibration, friction and damage the insulation displacement loose structure. The organic
insulation material inside the motor not only improves heat resistance and electrical performance, but also
improves the mechanical strength of the insulation material itself after impregnation. Because the
insulating material is heated, the material will change, releasing gas, water and carbonaceous materials,
lose flexibility, but after impregnation, pyrolysis, under heat hydrolysis process can greatly retard
mechanical flexibility material to maintain long-term, while insulating paint formed by the paint film has
certain elasticity and adhesion in the hot state, the material between the binding force of strengthening,
forming a strong overall, greatly enhance the strength of the system.
5. Improve chemical corrosion resistance
The motor through the impregnation treatment, to prevent all kinds of insulation materials and solvent
around the motor and direct contact with corrosive chemicals, which can improve the stability of chemical
substances of the motor due to the insulating encapsulation, shut off from the world body contact, improve
the winding stability, selecting suitable varnish resin materials can make the winding insulation with anti
mildew, anti oil, anti corona, flame retardant performance.
Question and Answer:
1. After resin varnish trickling, I need 1 hour
 It's OK you set 1hour after resin varnish trickling , that time can be set accoding to your resin performance and working experience,
 The resin will gel and then curing, the time can be setted on cycle time 
2. Working station distribution one side or two?
WIND-ZDG76-120 working station 120pcs, two sides, so you can install 240pcs armatures

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